SOME private schools in Victoria have up to 30 per cent of families on fee “life support”, with financial relief extending into 2021.

But the screws are tighten- ing on embattled parents, with some institutions demanding “restitution” repayments of deferred fees by the end of the year.

Prushka Fast Debt Recovery chief executive Roger Mendelson said schools would start to ramp up collections by early next year as COVID bankruptcy protection measures ended.

Despite this, student numbers in the independent sector held steady, with more than 151,000 children enrolled for next year.

However, frozen fees for 2021, a lack of international students and fee rebates of up to $5m threatened the financial viability of some institutions.

Some schools forecast a drop in student numbers of up to 11 per cent from next year.

Catholic Secondary Principals Australia president Loretta Wholley said “schools’ incomes have been noticeably impacted by parents needing fee relief”.

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