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Services Offered by PIPA as a Debt Relief Company in Melbourne

The Personal Insolvency Professionals Association (PIPA) is a Melbourne based association offering debt relief company services in Australia, and consultation for personal insolvency practitioners. Working primarily with insolvency practitioners who specialise in insolvency matters by way of business involvement, PIPA looks after a highly qualified cohort of members who take pride in upholding a strict code of ethics within the personal insolvency practitioner field.

PIPA specialises in fostering a community of practitioners, who are well educated and trained on a code of moral and legislative grounds. This is important for debt relief companies in Australia, because it means that members of the association have access to the right training information, seminars and other educational resources that grant them a clear understanding of ‘principles, processes, law and practice of insolvency’.

Some services that PIPA members perform include: financial counselling: to help individuals and businesses understand their debt situation and take action and to help them seek the appropriate services for other types of council, including emotional support services. Debt agreements and debt consolidation: for businesses and individuals considering an alternative to bankruptcy; and advising on and bankruptcy itself, as well as many other things.

PIPA members are highly experienced and qualified insolvency professionals who will work with clients in the most ethical and lawful way possible, by giving clients the best options possible, they can help them work through their financial situation easily and avoid falling victim to debt vultures.

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