Financial Counsellors

Who best to help – financial counsellors or financial advisors?

Many people seeking support with their finances make the mistake of contacting financial advisors and planners, when they need to be seeking financial counsellors instead.

While financial planners are appropriate professionals for things like wealth management and investment, they cannot assist small businesses and sole traders with debt management, insolvency and personal debt. Financial counsellors provide support to people who are not able to sustain their ongoing expenses and who need advice for how to deal with their situation and get back on top of their finances.

Financial counsellors in Australia operate under strict Government policies and guidelines, and are therefore allowed to operate with a licensing exemption. Financial Counsellors often offer their services for free, and give confidential advice about things like:

  • Dealing with debt collectors
  • Outstanding bills and fines
  • Utility disconnection
  • Eviction
  • Car accidents without insurance
  • And tax debt

Financial Counsellor Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Queensland Australia

A Financial Counsellor in Australia can not charge fees to clients, collect profits from third-parties or affiliates for their services, operate without the appropriate qualification, training and membership to a financial counselling association.

Without meeting all of the above criteria practitioners cannot call themselves financial counsellors.

Financial Counselling Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Queensland Australia

All financial counselling service providers operate under state-lead governing bodies, so whether debtors are seeking financial counselling in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Queensland there are agencies in most local areas.

Practitioners can also be found via the National Debt Helpline, which is called by over 180,000 people every year.

PIPA has a team of qualified practitioners and financial advisors who can give advice for how to find the appropriate financial counselling service for your client.

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