About PIPA | Personal Insolvency Professionals Association

Personal Insolvency
Professionals Association

Primarily an association for Personal Insolvency Practitioners, PIPA is a professional body created to encompass individuals and corporation who, by the nature of their business involvement encounter consumer insolvency issues. The Association represents its members to government in respect of proposed legislative amendments to the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth) and is a member of the federal Bankruptcy Reform Consultative Forum which meets regularly.

Members either practice the management of personal insolvency regimes, or are affected by them in the course of their vocation.

Enjoying a clear understanding of the principles, processes, law and practice of insolvency and its causes will serve to enhance your career prospects and endow your knowledge substantially.

Education is a priority course of action for PIPA and in mid-2014 a unique external education course in Personal Insolvency Law & Practice will be introduced in conjunction with Bond University.

Those engaged in insolvency, the credit industry, accounting and law should derive substantial benefits from membership of the Personal Insolvency Professionals Association including the ability to have direct access to guidance by email or telephone.

Membership applications are available on this website, or enquiry may be made at: membership@pipa.net.au