Financial Support

Struggling to find financial support? There is help available to get people who are in debt back on track.

Confronting an escalating financial situation when debts are piling up can be extremely overwhelming and stressful, but there are several ways to find financial support in Australia that are free and confidential.

Trying to manage a difficult situation when things are feeling out of control can be overwhelming, and those in need of support don’t have to do it alone.

Not only do PIPA practitioners offer ethical advice for matters of personal insolvency, bankruptcy and debt management, but they can help people in debt find resources to better understand their situation and regain control of their finances.

Financial Support can help people experiencing any of the following issues and more:

  • Difficulty with mortgage repayments
  • Amounting debt that is unable to be paid down on time
  • Outgoings that are exceeding income resulting in more debt

PIPA’s team of personal financial advisors can offer advice to people facing financial hardship to  make their situation more manageable.

Financial Support Services in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Queensland Australia

There are options for financial support services in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Queensland. So no matter where a client lives in Australia they can access free and confidential support that is reliable and confidential.

Too often people experiencing financial hardship fall victim to debt consolidators and ill-intentioned debt companies. These companies charge fees and profit from vulnerable individuals seeking financial support.

PIPA practitioners employ only the most ethical practices to give advice for client’s best outcomes and recuperation in times of financial difficulties.

For more information about where to find financial support in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Queensland visit or the Australian Government website.